Career Management: Professional Development Services

Establishing a Professional Development Programs

Human resources, learning and development, even talent management units in organization might not have the necessary project management background to develop effective professional development programs specific to project management. This is more complicated in the current environment of over emphasis on certifications that may or may not leave to enhanced organizational performance.

In this category, SUKAD can assess the organizational expectations in term of performance, and develop a comprehensive professional development program at all levels of the organizational hierarchy. Project management learning is important from new hire and junior staff to project sponsors and executives, including projects’ personnel, project managers, program managers, and PMO staff.

Our effort is not limited to development but we can also deliver the necessary programs at all levels to ensure consistency across the board.

Special Note

Here we must advise that for maximum effectiveness, clients should not consider our services under Career Management in isolation of implementing a project management system. If the client’s organization does not have a project management system, we advise building one first and then design a professional development programs that aligns to the PM System.

On the other hand, if an organization has a PM System, then we would recommend allowing our consultants the necessary time to learn about the existing system then design the professional program to align with what exist while identifying opportunities for improvements.

The professional development program should also align with the project management competency and career management frameworks that we will discuss in this section of the website.

The components of a professional development program