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Program/Project Management Office (PMO)

Project and Program Management Offices (PMO) are becoming a necessity for organizations that want to succeed and sustain success. However, the challenge is that many PMO fails within 2 years of implementation primarily because they were not set up properly. What are the pitfalls? Why PMO fails? Are organizations implementing the right PMO with the right structure and purpose? Or, are organizations implementing a standard PMO regardless of the context, organizational level, or organizational needs and expectations?

Concerning PMO, SUKAD can offer clients the following:

PMO Implementation

SUKAD can lead, or support, an organizational effort to implement a PMO in one business unit or across the organization. For large organizations, we do recommend more than one PMO with each PMO empowered with different organizational mandates. In such scenario, we will work to establishing the different PMO while ensuring integration, as much as possible, to avoid duplication of effort.

To help an organization build a PMO, we use our own proprietary project life span model. Our model allows us to take the establishment of the PMO from the idea / identification of the need, all the way to integration into the organization and closing the project. Throughout the process we work with the client to go through validating the business case, defining the purpose, determining the functions, developing the necessary methodology and processes, and implementing the PMO with the best-fit time frame. We could do so on an intensive basis to complete with the shortest reasonable period, or we could perform the mandate intermittently, systematically over an extended period for highest effectiveness.

PMO Review and Assessment

This service is applicable if a client organization already has a PMO, and want to assess its perfromance, purpose, role, or function against global leading practices.  SUKAD can perform an assessment of the PMO (Project or Program Management Office). Such an assessment will identify the organizational context and the purpose of the PMO, and then assess how the PMO is performing in comparison to the purpose and organizational needs, expectations, and requirements. We can also assess whether the organization can benefit from an expanded PMO role or if there is a need for more than one PMO in the organization.

Case Study: PMO Implementation Failed Project

It is worth stressing that SUKAD Principal Consultants have been working or implementing PMO and Project Support Offices long before the word 'PMO' became a trend. Mr. Ajam was involved in PMO and Project Support Offices as early as in 1996.