Construction Management Services and Solutions

The term "construction" refers to the actual construction activities, the building, of a physical facility. However, the term “construction project”, and construction management, typically refers to any project that would require the delivery of a constructed facility. In this context, the project is not limited to the construction phase but refers to the whole project life span from idea to closure; including feasibility, requirements, definition, engineering design, construction, commissioning, and close out. At SUKAD, we like to refer to these construction projects as “capital investment projects.”

Our services in this sub-category are the same as we listed for project management. These include change management, project reviews, project audits, assessments, project control, clients' representative, and all other areas. The reason we separate this topic as a separate sub-category is due to the fact that two SUKAD Principal Consultants, have extensive experience in this industry and working on projects worth billions of US dollars around the world. In other words, project management is SUKAD core competence and capital investment projects is our specialty.

Our consultants past projects were in power and utilities, oil and gas, petrochemical, and mining.