Consultancy Services

Establishing a Project Management Methodology

Establishing a Project management methodology could also be considered as a subset of building the organizational project management function, however, we recognize that certain organizations might be interested in implementing a methodology only instead of a comprehensive organizational project management system.

Project Management Methodology Implementation

SUKAD can lead or support an organizational effort to implement a project management methodology in one business unit or across the organization. In such scenario, we will work to establishing the methodology while ensuring its integration with the existing organizational system.

To help an organization build a methodology, we can build it from scratch or alternatively, we can also use our own proprietary project life span model as a starting point. If the client's organization adopts the SUKAD Model, the client can benefit from faster implementation due to the work that SUKAD has already developed for the methodology. The SUKAD Model is The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™). Our consultant(s) will use CAM2P™ and customize it and adapt it to the organizational requirements and different divisions.

The SUKAD Model is a good fit to the PMI® Framework and aligns to the PMBOK® Guide and ISO 21500, in addition to other global guides and standards.