Building & Sustaining the Organizational Project Management Maturity

Many organizations, private and public, are embracing project management as a core capability with strategic value and a main contributor to organizational performance. We also stressed that the executives’ ultimate objective is to enhance organizational performance through higher level of project management maturity, which as we said – is often missing from a PMO implementation.

The question is how to build and sustain the organizational project management maturity?

Building the Project Management System

The first essential step toward higher level of project management maturity, and working toward a center of excellence, is to build the project management system and a project management office.

To build the organizational project management system we recommended following our own proprietary approach, The SUKAD Seven Elements of Project Management Maturity™ (The 7Es™).

Building a Sustainable System

To build a sustainable system, we would recommend implementing The 7Es™ but using an extended approach.

We also realize that many organizations want to implement a system on an accelerated basis. Our approach, takes a counter perspective, which is to ensure a sustainable system, we recommend utilizing an extended approach over two to three-year basis. Of course, we do not mean for SUKAD to be continually involved for three years, rather, we suggest intermittent approach that combines building, implementing, operating, and enhancing one element of the system at a time. For more information, please contact our business consultants.

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