Professional Development Service

Personal development could be part, or independent of the professional development program. It could also be part of a consultancy or a learning and development program.  The key focus here is on developing the individuals through one-on-one engagements such as coaching, mentoring, or even shadowing.

Establishing a Professional Development Programs

Human resources, learning and development and talent management units in organization might not have the necessary project management background to develop effective professional development programs specific to project management. This is more complicated in the current environment of over emphasis on certifications that may or may not lead to enhanced organizational performance.

SUKAD can assess the organizational expectations in terms of performance and develop comprehensive professional development programs at all levels of the organizational hierarchy to ensure consistency across the board. This service could be in support or independent of the establishment of a formal professional and competence development program and can be provided through several approaches.

The components of a professional development program

Coaching would be ideal for a small team or individuals wanting to work on a project, end-to-end. We can help them and coach them as their project’s progress.

Mentoring would be general and not linked to a given project. It would be to help a professional grows in the know-how of project management.

Shadowing could be in two ways: one way is for the SUKAD consultant to shadow an individual or team and offer advice, coaching, or mentoring. The other way is to have a SUKAD consultant manages one of your projects with one, or more individuals from your organization shadowing our PM to learn from him or her.