Project Planning and Control Service

Project support is applicable to all type of projects and the project manager might be able to handle for smaller projects. However, for capital investment projects (construction) the projects are often substantial in size and in term of the invested cost, therefore, effective management will require special expertise to support the project manager. The support services are typically widespread and cover many areas from quality and risk to cost and time.

We split these services, per the phases of the SUKAD Way™ Model. The Customizable and Adaptable Methodology for Managing Projects™ (CAM2P™) is a project life span model with three distinct phases, and these are Project Concept, Project Development, and Project Delivery.

Project Concept

During the project concept phase, the focus is on clear definition of the idea, feasibility studies, and project selection. SUKAD added expertise can help a client ensure that during this early phase, we utilize the proper project management expertise.

Project Development

During this phase, the focus is on proper identification of requirements, stakeholders’ alignment, project management planning, and developing the project detailed plan. It is important and crucial to effectively go through this phase in order to avoid many pitfalls during the project delivery phase.

Project Delivery

Under the SUKAD CAM2P™ model, project delivery consists of implementation, operation readiness, and project close out and SUKAD can lead or assist the client in all aspects of these stages.

Please also refer to the Construction Management and Project Management Sections.