Project Risk Management

Project risk management is still emerging and lagging behind project management in general. As a result, not many organizations utilize project risk management and most of those who do, they only utilize part of the practices.

For example, some of the challenges we observe is to limit risk management to threats instead of threats and opportunities. Another challenge, is not putting enough emphasis on risk identification, leading to only identifying a few risks giving the organization and illusion of risk management practice or only achieving partial benefits. Another challenge is performing risk assessment only once on a project instead of making risk management an essential application across the project stages.

SUKAD can help your organization and projects with the following:

  • Build the organizational system and framework for project risk management, such as policies, procedures, guidelines, templates and forms, and processes
  • Review, assess, and audit your practices against global leading practices or organizational system
  • We can perform these tasks on your behalf; especially on medium and large projects ... outsourced service

Our practices in project risk management are not limited to PMI® standard but we also include ISO 31000 as a key resource for organizational system.